This AUP governs the use of the service of lodging Web of our company. The violation of this AUP can be in the suspension or completion from its service. In the case of a dispute between you and our company with respect to the interpretation of this AUP, the interpretation of its company will prevail, in its reasonable commercial judgment.

The following one is the complete agreement of the Policy of acceptable user (€˜AUP€™) between Our Company and the holder of the personal or corporative account. Our company offers lodging in World Wide Web, design Web and installation of scripts. Our company has certain legal and ethical responsibilities that their servers use of involved in these services consist of the equipment and. The general policy of our company is to act as supplier of presence in Internet. Our Company reserves the right to suspend or to cancel the access of a client to anyone or all the provided services by Our Company when we decide that the account has been used of unsuitable way.

What is the appropriate use?

Our company is designed to satisfy the needs with lodging Web of small businesses of property and independent operation in a single country. He is not appropriate to use our services to support to great companies or businesses with international base with a maintained demand that imposes an illegal load to our systems or affects the use on the part of small companies negatively, of property and independent operation.

Our company is a service of lodging shared Web, which means that several websites of clients and other services of e-mail or storage are lodged from the same servant. Its company uses abuse controls to help to guarantee that the use of our services negatively does not affect the yield of our system or the sites of other clients. He is not appropriate to use an account mainly as a storage space in line or to file electronic archives.

Disk Space

If it consistently uses his services with terms of services and in these paragraphs, its site can grow as much as it is necessary to satisfy the needs with his small business, but to guarantee a great experience for all, we will impose some restrictions exceeds what so fast can grow. The great majority of the sites of our clients grows to rates that observe our rules, but our controls of abuse can cause a brief delay while we evaluated if the expansion is appropriate for its plan in particular.

The clients of our company cannot initiate the following thing (next), if some client does, our company can cancel the account without reimbursement. Following the situation, he will have/will not be sent warnings.
a) He uses 25% or more of the resources of the CPU of the system for more than 90 second or 1% of the resources of the CPU of the servant for more than 5 minutes. Numerous activities exist that could cause such problems; These include: scripts cgi, FTP, PHP, HTTP, etc.
b) Use of any type of distributed computer science software, including, among others, SETI@home, Node Zero and Folding@home.
c) It executes any type of applications of interactive chat in real time that require resources of the servant. The lodged services of remote form totally are allowed.
d) It at any time executes independent and unheeded processes of the side of the servant in the servant. This includes each and every one of the demons.
e) It executes any software that interacts with a network IRC (Internet Relay Chat).
f) It executes any use shared of archives, bit torrent or other services of network P2P, software of client or servant.
g) It executes any servant of games as counter-strike, half-life, battlefield 1492, etc.


In the majority of the cases, if she uses our vps web hosting services of coherent way with our terms on watch, the visitors of their website will be able to unload and to see as much content of their site as they wish it. Nevertheless, in certain circumstances, our power of processing of the servant, the memory of the servant or the controls of abuse can limit the unloadings of their site. It will always be able to use the bandwidth that has its account. For example, our Enterprise Plan comes with a bandwidth from 40 GB, that are a great amount, all these 40 GB can be used. The bandwidth also recovers every month.

A monthly allocation of bandwidth is assigned to him. This allocation varies according to the package of lodging that it buys. If its account approves the assigned amount, we reserved the right to suspend the account until the home of the following allocation, to suspend the account until more bandwidth to an additional tariff is bought, to suspend the account until it updates at a level package superior, to finalize the account and/or they acquire an additional tariff to him by the surpluses. The transference used in a month cannot be transferred the following month.

Storage email

It does not have to worry to reach a storage limit if it consistently uses our services with the terms on watch and our policy of acceptable use. Its company will increase its space along with the appropriate needs of its small business, but our controls of abuse can affect the rate of growth or the size of their folder, and can have a brief delay while we evaluated his use. In some cases, to create additional folders or subfolders will help to guarantee that the system works well for all. It will be always allowed him to use the greater amount of space in disc applied to his account.


It is possible that it has noticed that all our accounts come with limitless accounts of e-mail, subdomains, accounts FTP and, in some cases, domains. This is subject to the amount of space in disc that has its account. Therefore, it can create so many e-mails, subdomains, etc. as it wishes, whenever it is within the limit of space in disc.

Offensive content

It cannot publish nor transmit through service of Our Company any content that Our Company reasonably creates:
a) it constitutes child pornography;
b) it constitutes pornography;
c) he is excessively violent, it urges the violence, it threatens violence or it contains content of harassment or speech of hatred;
d) he is unjust or deceptive according to the laws of protection to the consumer of any jurisdiction, including the chains of letters and the pyramidal schemes;
e) he is slanderous or it violates the privacy of a person;
f) it creates a risk for the security or the health of a person, creates a risk for the security or the public health, jeopardizes the national security or interferes with an investigation on the part of the police;
g) it incorrectly sets out secret commercial or another confidential information or of property of another person;
h) he is destined to help others to overcome the technical protections of author rights
i) it infringes clearly the commercial brand or on watch, the patent or another right of property of another person;
j) it promotes illegal drugs, it breaks the laws of control of exports, the illegal game or the illegal traffic of weapons is related to;
k) he is illegal or it asks for an illegal conduct according to the laws applicable to you or Our company;
l) he is malicious, fraudulent or it can give rise to retaliation against Our company on the part of watching victims;

Our company does not accept material as:
a) Proxy, Warez, trust, programs of investment of high performance (HYIP), illegal sites of chance games and lottery.
b) €˜the published or transmitted€™ content through service of our company includes content Web, e-mail, publications in the bulletin board, chat and any other type of publication or transmission who is based on any service of Internet provided by our company.
* Our company can finalize the service by anyone of the previous reasons and is to its exclusive criterion to emit a reimbursement


It must take reasonable safety precautions. It must protect the confidentiality of his password and must change it periodically.

Massive commercial e-mail

The massive commercial e-mail, the lists of mail and the reflectors of e-mail are allowed in the servers of their company, nevertheless, we allowed a maximum of 500 e-mails per hour by account. For any e-mail sent from his account of His company, it must observe the following rules:

a) The predicted adressees have given their consent to receive e-mail through some affirmative means, as an acceptance procedure;
b) Their procedures to ask for the consent include reasonable means to guarantee that the person who grants the consent is the proprietor of the email address for who the consent is granted;
c) It cannot hide the source of his e-mail of any way.
d) Otherwise, it fulfills the Law DOG Spam and other applicable laws.

These policies are applied to the messages sent by means of the service of Our company, or the messages sent from any network by you or any person in their name that direct or indirectly sends to the adressee to a site lodged through their service of Our company. In addition, it cannot use a service of e-mail of third parties that does not practice similar procedures for all clients.

E-mail nonasked for

It cannot send any e-mail nonasked for, in mass individually or, to any person whom it has indicated that it does not wish to receive it. It must observe the rules of any other network to which it accedes or it participates in the use of the services of our company.

Material protected by author rights

It cannot publish, distribute or copy of any way music, software, art or another work protected by the law of author rights unless:
a) You have been specifically authorized by the proprietor of the author rights so that the work copies the work of that way.
b) otherwise, the law of author rights allows him to copy the work of that way.

Our company will cancel the service of persistent violators.


It must have valid and up-to-date information in the file of his recorder of names of domain for any domain lodged in the network of Our company.

Unloading of responsibility

Our Company does not have any to have, and by this AUP it does not assume to have to monitor or to watch the activities of our clients and exempts of any responsibility by the evil use of the network of Its Company.

Abuse of Internet

It cannot participate in illegal, abusive or irresponsible behaviors, that they include:

a) Access or nonauthorized use of data, systems or networks, including any attempt to explore, to scan or to prove the vulnerability of a system or network or to violate the authentication or safety measures (including pertaining to its company and its clients) without express authorization of the proprietor of the system or network;
b) to monitor data or traffic in any network or system without the authorization of the proprietor of the system or network;
c) Interference with the service to any user, host or network, including, among others, deliberate bombings, floods, attempts to overload a system and to transmit attacks;
d) Use of account of Internet or computer without authorization of proprietor, that it includes, among others, I scan of Internet (to deceive other people so that they release its passwords), robbery of passwords, I scan of security holes and I scan of ports;
e) Falsification of any headed of package TCP-IP or any part of the information of headed in an e-mail or the publication of a group of the news; or
f) Any conduct that can give rise to retaliation against the network of its company.
g) The use of the network of its company of a way that interferes unwarrantedly with the use of the network on the part of other clients of our company

Group of the news, forums of chat, other networks

It must observe the rules and conventions for publications in any plank of announcements, group of chat or another forum in which it participates, as groups IRC and USENET, including his rules of content and commercial publications. These groups generally prohibit the publication of commercial messages outside subject or massive publications in multiple forums.

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