it invoices

How it works?

cPanel control panel

It controls your Business

Visualize its sales, Generates invoices, tickets, quotes and Guide of Remission, controls his kardex, inventories with income by purchases or adjustment of inventories everything in line and many more.

Softaculous script to installer

Reports and Unloadings

It generates reports in excel of all the documents that you emitted during a month and unloads all the XML and pdf.

LiteSpeed Web server

Gratuitous support

The support of web1620 is limitless and gratuitous. You will be able to contact to the equipment by chat, telephone or mail. Security 24/7 an excellent equipment of ready support to help you

R1Soft backups

Platform in the Cloud

Platform 100% in line available 24/7, without software installation. Constantly we created new functionalities and updates to grow next to you and your business.

Our to datacenter

Multi Sucursal and Usuary Multi

You have more of the Premises? You do not worry, you will be able to have multiple branches without extra costs, and will be able to create limitless users for each of your collaborators.


Without Expensive Equipment

Forget to you to buy expensive equipment, with us you will not have installation costs and you will be able to use the system from any cellular device, connected tablet or PC to Internet.



Storage of your information by 5 years.


Updates and all change in SUNAT, do not have any cost.

Sunat connection/DARES

Direct connection with SUNAT/DARES according to your necessity.

Searches of RUC and national identity document

It will be able search the information of 20 RUC 10 and national identity document.

What allows the platform web1620 you?

Domain Free

Domain free for all the life

Certificate SSL FREE

Dedicated SSL Gratuitous

Creator of Websites

It is very easy and intuitive and he does not require technical knowledge.

He allows to fulfill exigencies SUNAT

The system counts on the tax of stock-market and counts on the version 2.1 UBL

Support 24/7

Customized Attention by experts 24/7 and in your language!

Maxima performance

Your site €œflies€? with the new technology of storage 100% SSD.

Guarantee of Time of Activity 99,9%

Formed with the Software and Hadware that guarantee the time of durability.

All Limitless one

Limitless space, limitless data transfer, limitless post office, etc.

Our Units


  1. €“ Product.
  2. €“ Transfers.
  3. €“ Movements.
  4. €“ Adjustment of inventory.
  5. €“ Warehouses.
  6. €“ Kardex reports.
  7. €“ Inventory reports.


  1. €“ Tickets, Invoices, Note of sale.
  2. €“ Point of sale.
  3. €“ Quotes.
  4. €“ Note of Credit.
  5. €“ Note of Debit.
  6. €“ Guide of remission.


  1. €“ Formartos pdf and EXCEL.
  2. €“ Purchases.
  3. €“ Movements.
  4. €“ Sales.
  5. €“ Accounts to receive.
  6. €“ Clients.


  1. €“ It extracts data of SUNAT and RENIEC.
  2. €“ Usuary.
  3. €“ Clients.
  4. €“ Suppliers.
  5. €“ To matter by excel.


  1. €“ Ready of purchases.
  2. €“ Ready of expenses.
  3. €“ New cost.
  4. €“ New purchase.
  5. €“ To matter by excel.


  1. €“ Control of Box.
  2. €“ Banks.
  3. €“ Alert
  4. €“ Configuration
  5. €“ Dashboard

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